Shardeez are quirky NFTs on an eco-friendly mission.

By acting as your Profile Picture (PFP) on all of your social media participation, your Shardeez will bring awareness and aliveness to the issues and viewpoints surrounding climate and ecology.  Further, it makes your commitment to solving the climate crisis by 2050 super clear.

Shardeez Clans

Representing all viewpoints and most interest areas… which is your jam?

We have Eco-Defender clans, and Ecocidal-Maniacs who work to thwart the climate protectors – ALL of the clans serve to elevate the visibility of the climate crisis.

Clans of Shardeez Universe

Shardeez Universe Community

Be public. Be Proud. Use your Shardeez to start conversations, and let your community know you’re for solving our climate crisis. 

In creating Shardeez, we aim to bring the conversation and debate into the open—in a thoughtful, yet fun way that can support the emergence of impactful leadership thinking and committed action.

Shardeez Clan Rarity

Some Clans are more rare than others…

Which do you want?  The chart at the right provides the numbers of each clan that are in existence in this first generation mint.  In addition to the clan rarity – there is also the Genesis Block rarity, which we cover below – and these are distributed across the clans.   

Shardeez NFT Clan Rarity

Genesis Block Rarity

The genesis of each Shardeez starts here.

Each Shardeez are created from ONE of fourteen different Genesis Blocks, and then different degrees of “shardness” are applied.  Each Shardeez is unique.  But some qualities are more rare than others.  Here is the rarity of each Genesis block – in terms of how many Shardeez have been created from each.  This doesn’t speak to which clan – as they are spread across clans.

Shardeez Genesis Blocks
Shardeez NFT Genesis Block Rarity

What Do The Clans Stand For?

Here are the definitions for the clans in the Eco-Defender and Ecocidal Maniac communities.  Meant to bring attention and conversation to the viewpoints, ALL of which can help move us to being carbon-neutral by 2050.  Let the dialog, innovation, and action commence!

Eco-Defender Clans

Arctic Defenders

Interested in all things Arctic – whether that’s the Northern Lights, Polar Bears, Solar Radiation Winds, and Sea Ice.

Rainforest Defenders

Preserve the rainforests and have conversations that matter around deforestation vs. preservation. They are concerned with what is happening in terms of species extinction and habitat loss.

Ocean Defenders

The Earth’s surface is mostly water, and the aquatic ecosystem needs to be attended tofrom sea life and habitat, fishing, and pollution. Ocean Defenders are stewards of our oceans so that they can continue to support the planet’s life, as they’ve done so since the beginning.

Animist Spirits

Willing to lend spiritual guidance and holistic solutions to eco-defense.

Regenerative Farmers

Just trying to feed everyone without draining the soil of its future capacity. It’s all about regeneration of the soil (increasing nutrients and minerals) – a pathway to better health through better food. Always talking about microbes, worms, arthropods and fungi.

Ecocidal Maniac Clans


They love mass extinction events; they want all life to become fossilized bone.

Evil Robots

Artificial intelligence, programmed to exploit the efforts of any software used in eco-defense.

Evil Alchemists

They make potions of deadly nightshade, mint, and other substances to poison endangered species.


They wake up every morning with one thing on their mind, eat the brains of endangered species.


Their goal is to maintain the military-industrial-pharmaceutical-agricultural-financial-political complex destroying the ecosphere.

Some samples

Shardeez are Quirky

They get attention.  They’re cool.  And they’re all about solving the climate crisis by 2050 — they just need YOU!  Collect.  Create Memes. Use as your Profile Picture.  Let’s bring our commitment, action, and sense of fun to getting this accomplished!

Shardeez Samples


When Shardeez launches, you’ll identify how many you want – and it’s like a gumball machine – or a grab bag approach – you don’t pick the specific Shardeez, instead they’re minted randomly – so if you want five Shardeez, they’ll get minted (and randomly selected) at that time, and added to your wallet.


We’ve reserved 300 Arctic Defender Shardeez to drip out on Aurora’s 3-Six-9 Marketplace.

So if you want an Arctic Explorer Clan Shardeez, head over to 3-Six-9 and search for “shardeez” to see what’s available. You can select and purchase it right away.  Those that don’t drip out will migrate over to our Minting process, when we take that live at the end of the summer (exact date to be determined).


You can add yourself to our whitelist — and get early access to mint your collection — and at a better price than when we make the minting generally available.  The first collection of Shardeez total only 1,669 that will be made available through this initial minting process.  Adding yourself to our whitelist, and going through the rest of the prep steps (if you’re new to Crypto or the NEAR blockchain), will increase the chances that you’ll get a Shardeez.

The Team Behind Shardeez

Shardeez started out as an exploratory project by the developers at AktaryTech – a blockchain development company.  Shane Neeley, our Director of R&D wanted to explore building a minting process that could act as a customizable service for making it easy to mint an NFT collection, rather than one at a time.  He chose the NEAR blockchain for this project (it’s a sharded block chain — and hence the name of our NFT collection: Shardeez!).

So, in typical AktaryTech fashion, we started to look at how we could benefit a larger community with our effort, and we landed on Climate Action — because it’s a very real threat and could use much more visibility for the people actively working to reduce carbon emissions on a number of fronts.

What better way to do that, than to provide NFTs that can be Personal Profile Pictures and provide a conversation point in many ways to bring awareness and visibility to ending the climate crisis.

For those of you who want more information on how we created Shardeez on the tech side, it starts with our first post “Anatomy of an NFT Launch – Part 1“. We’ll be publishing more posts as Shardeez goes through its launch… so stay tuned!

The story continues, however – because as we chose Climate Action as the “cause” and purpose behind Shardeez, Shane then took the opportunity to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to also explore the decentralized management aspect of things as well.  AktaryTech will donate 20% of initial sales as well as our percentage of ongoing sales of the Shardeez NFTs to climate organizations.  The DAO will manage that treasury and donations.

Shane Neeley


Geoffrey Ballard


Adam Kecskes


Kim Albee